Resign for something better?

It's been 2 years and more I've been working in fashion magazine. I had a lot of experience and I learnt a lot to be good graphic designer. Even I was working as a graphic designer, in such a good reputation companies and good salary (I'm so lucky), I don't feel belong there. Yeah, I know. It's really hard to take off all of my attributes and monthly-salary to nothing-well, for now I don't know what I'm doing-I guess.

You know, mostly people decided to resign when they already got a new job. But me? I don't get anything, I know what exactly I will do, but I don't know if it will work. Seriously, this is the hardest part I picked entirely of my life. I only living by my little-saving, and I know this saving wouldn't get enough for a year. I keep telling my self to be tough and keep finding who I want to be in the future.

Now, I'm running two business, one with my partner and another one is my self-fashion brand (on a progress, need more penny to built). I am spending a lot of money and I can say in another 5 months if my business won't be good, I would be broke (but pray that this gonna be actually happen :p). Some people say to me that business is the fastest way to invest and waste money at the same time. And some of my friends said that I am the typical hard-worker kind and business is not my thing. Really? I've been business since elementary school even ended bad. LOL.

Oh well, I can say resign for built a business is really hard, you have to convince yourself that you can go through it. I feel so afraid when I want to go sleep. Like now, when I am writing this blog, I don't if I will be success or nope. But, I can't go to sleep because I am thinking if bad happen to me and I have a lot of debt, oh my god!!! To make me calm, I keep telling my self that everything is gonna be okay, and my ambition can be true that I will be a successful business woman in the future.



Pick your perfect summer dress by body type

Screaming for Summer!!! Yippie!! By that means, say good bye to coat and say hello to summer dress. For me, Summer is a little heaven cause I don't have to sneezing all the time causes my allergic to cold (In fact, I love Rain!!).

Last week, my friend offered me for photoshot which held on the centre of Jakarta. Well, it's been like an half year I haven't modelling again, so I answered YES I WOULD LOVE TOO.
The concept was about on the rooftop.

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Zara

As we know, some of us have different body type, and we should pick the right one. Don't let the pattern ruin our looks. And also, I have some inspiration from celebrity who wear summer dress with their unique styles and body type. Scroll through to find your perfect summer dress by your body type and for now I'll put the link to shop your dresses, here we go!


This kind of body type means your hip and bust are balance. The girl who have this type must be very lucky, cause they will absolutely good on any dress. But if you want to make your body like a sexy girl than a skinny girl you should wear a bubble skirt.

PHOTO: JDH Imagez / Splash News
Keira Knightley

You can shop this lovely pattern dress from ROMWE


Lucky you!! You have the body which woman dream off. You can wear anything you like, show off your beautiful and sexy body. I bet every woman outside are envy at you right now!

PHOTO: INFphoto.com

You can shop it here


Oh well, this is my body type. The hips extremely bigger than my bust. But, we have really nice waist! So don't be afraid to show our waist!! Or if we want to hide our bottom we can wear really loose maxi dress, but still choose the dress which is show off our waist or upper. 

Karlie Kloss

Let's have this beautiful pattern maxi dress on here



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Are You Ready for Music Party?

Lately, season in Jakarta is kinda messy. We don't know it's time for summer or rainy season. Because at the morning the sun shines so brightly even you wear your sunglasses. And then, when the sky turns a bit darker, it's time for heavy rain!! Can you imagine that? So, for me. I have to prepare two fashion style at the same time. Usually I bring my coat to use at the night. Yeah, I have to mix and match to available using in 2 weather. Kinda difficult but I'm survive with that. LOL!

Anyway enough the Introduction, Let's we talk about the party! Yeiy! Who doesn't love the party? I do. But, have anyone ever feel kinda boring to attend the party with mini dress or some glamour stuff on your body? (Or maybe some readers here love using dress..) Well, for me who really boring with the dress at that time decided to wear ripped short pants and t-shirt and I was going for night music party in Kemang, South of Jakarta held by GOODNEWS. 

Here I post my look, If you anyone have a lookbook don't forget to HYPE me then I'll Hype yours for the returns. :D (www.lookbook.nu/divandagitadesiani)

Tops : Forever 21
Short : Forever 21
Belt : ZARA
Stocking : Supre
Bracelet : Hermes

Besides me, there's some celebrity style you can check it out for your inspiration. Well, enjoy the party and wear the most comfortable for you guys. Don't forget you HAVE to prepare for the dance shoes. There's a party and of course they have a dance floor. Show your move!!

So how about your style to attend music party?

With Love,

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